About Me

My name is Fiona Fear, and I am an Empowerment Specialist.

I am an Empowerment Specialist, using my skills as a Mindset Therapist and Personal Development Coach to help people transform their belief system to create powerful, lasting, change to lead an empowered life using a blend of Psychotherapy, Life coaching, Energy Healing and Spirituality, depending on whatever they are open to.

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🔥 Low Self-Worth & Confidence/Social Anxiety
🔥 General Anxiety Disorder/Panic Attacks
🔥 Self-Sabotage & Procrastination
🔥 Performance Related Anxiety
🔥 High Stress Levels/Burnout
🔥 Fears/Phobias/OCD
🔥 PTSD/Trauma
🔥 Addictions


🔥 Emotional Pain (e.g. grief)
🔥 Physical discomfort
🔥 Chronic Pain


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I have experienced many challenges in my life and want to now take all the knowledge, lessons and experience I have used and gained in overcoming these challenges to help and support others to empower their lives and become the best version of themselves.

I know how it feels:

  • To be at rock bottom and that your world is falling, with a sense of feeling powerless, limited and stuck. 
  • To feel lonely, unsupported and that you never quite fit in or belong or can ask for help. 
  • To not feel heard, understood, valued and appreciated.
  • To reject self on a deep inner level and feel that you are never good enough or are a failure.
  • To experience very deep levels of pain, sadness and hurt.

Challenges I have personally experienced include eating disorders, addiction, depression, anxiety, grief, co-dependency, relationship break-ups and the difficulties following them.

However, I have healed from these and I am now choosing to make it all count for something and help others –and what I feel is my purpose for being here. Turning the challenges into treasures and seeing the amazing gifts that have evolved from the journey. 

I want to provide people with a space to feel safe, heard, valued, supported, worthy, loved and hopeful. Make my previous pain count for something and transform it into a gift to give back and to help make the world a better place.

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Just think how life would be if everyone was living as their best, empowered version of themselves, in peace, harmony and unity, and it is my passion and purpose to help create this in the world.

Over the past 10 years, I have been on a deep spiritual journey, where I have learned a huge amount about how I perceive self and life and the bigger meaning of it all.  I can bring this into the work that I do, but can also leave out the spiritual elements, working just with the mind, if the client is not open to that.

My Brand Name

My brand name – Empowering You – reflects that fact that as much I will be there to support and guide you through your healing process, I also want to provide you with knowledge, tools and techniques so that you can further empower yourself. Life will always throw us challenges and that we can’t change – but it is how we chose to deal with those challenges that will determine our way forward and quality of life.

The Phoenix

empowering you phoenix logo

The logo for my business is a Phoenix and I really resonate with the energy connected to the Phoenix – that sense of rising again after feeling low or at rock bottom, and being reborn with more strength, courage and wisdom, to fly higher than ever before, and learning from our experiences to be an even better version of ourselves.

My Name

My name does attract humorous comments – FEAR – perhaps not the best name to have an Empowerment Specialist!!  
However, an important part of my work is about reframing and choosing to see things from a different perspective

– and having a bit of fun in the process (where appropriate).

So instead of FEAR being:


I choose to see it as representing:


So you can be:

AAuthentic and

And in my own journey, it most definitely has been, and continues to be, a Journey from Fear to Love.

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