Success Stories

What a great facilitation. Fiona is a very skilled facilitator and held a very lovely space for me whilst I delved into some difficult memories. She made me feel safe and heard and too great care of me whilst she weaved her belief coding magic. Fiona was very thorough and made sure I felt calm and safe at every stage.

She brought in a lot of outside knowledge, which also added to the impact of the session and helped me ground the work she carried out. Thank you so much Fiona


Thank you so much for our session. It was incredible and I was amazed at the visuals that I got and the power of the healing. I have done inner child work before, but this took it to a different level.

I can sense the healing and transformations that have taken place and I love my new beliefs because they feel real and empowering, I really appreciate who you are and what you bring to this work, especially because of the depth of it. Thank you


My daughter had suffered from Trichotillomania since she was a baby. We tried putting her hair in a hairnet, tying her hair up and even resorted to shaving her head. However, no physical restraints we made proved to be a permanent answer.

We turned to Fiona for help and her carefully and calmly worked our daughter, who also enjoyed her sessions. She now has a beautiful thick head of hair


It has to be said that I started my therapy with Fiona without knowing or understanding a great deal about what she actually did. I was initially sceptical about how effective it would be using FaceTime; however, two sessions later please trust me when I say it works! It is most certainly not something you will have come across before and it is fantastically bizarre, but I would recommend it to anyone.

I am also happy to confirm that Fiona ‘Fear’ is indeed her real name and not a stage name as I so wrongly assumed!


I first heard about BWRT from a newspaper article and was impressed by the speed & quality of results that were claimed by those who had experienced it. Having never had any type of therapy before I must admit to being somewhat sceptical. Internet research from the directory of practitioners indicated that Fiona Fear was both highly qualified and experienced, so I booked an initial session over Skype.

Fiona was highly professional and the Skype format for sessions between Cornwall & Australia worked extremely well. I greatly appreciated Fiona explaining the basis of why BWRT works so well and right from the first session it had a profound impact. In fact, it worked so well that I widened the scope of the therapy and underwent additional sessions.

The beauty of the approach is in the speed with which the root cause of an issue is dealt with and therefore you don’t have to undergo a long-drawn-out process to determine whether it is working for you or not. This testimonial has been written 4 months after finishing BWRT with Fiona and the changes continue to have a large impact on my life.

I therefore highly recommend both Fiona and BWRT to anyone considering this life changing therapy.


I am a pensioner who was very worried about the deteriorating health and possible loss of my older partner of over 30 years that resulted in my having severe anxiety and panic attacks.  I had tried the usual NHS approaches, but these were either practically non-existent, or inappropriate and useless. I felt totally alone, deserted and up against the wall, but on finding and experiencing Fiona’s Empowering Your courses.

I can only say a great big thank you to her. Her kindness, expertise and professionalism are second to none and in only four sessions,  I really am cured.  I have no more anxiety or panic attacks, I can now sleep entirely through the night and have hope and an outlook for the future.


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