Kinetic Shift

Kinetic Shift, also known as KS, is an experience and can be described as ACTIVE, INTUITIVE, DYNAMIC and ENERGISING

Kinetic Shift is a way we can use your feelings and emotions (or what we call your state) to change things.  You work directly with the subconscious mind – also referred to as the unconscious, the deeper mind, or the monkey mind, not with the cognitive, conscious part of the mind that will lie or cover up. Communication with that part of the mind is mainly done using metaphor and symbolism.

Intuition is also used as what we feel is often the best guide to where to go next. Intuition though, is something which we are frequently taught to ignore or play down, but in Kinetic Shift, attention is given to feelings and that begins to change things.

As it works dynamically and in a different way with each individual, there is no one form which a session takes. That will depend on you and how you ‘do’ your problem. You will be observed closely in the session – the practitioner is trained to pay attention, not just to what you say but to every movement and twitch which you make – we understand that you are communicating in many ways, and they all count. You are unique and special, and you will be made to feel special. You will feel yourself changing, and you will be reconnecting to positive energy and happiness once again.

You will not have to lie down and will not be asked to close your eyes most of the time. You will though, be asked to move, participate and be active in the process.

The 7 stages of Kinetic Shift

  1. Alert the state
  2. Identify the state
  3. Locate State (how do you feel it, where is it in your body, what does it look like, etc)
  4. Shift State (make it go elsewhere. If you can shift it, you will know you are in control)
  5. Eye Move it (EMIT) Use eye movement to process memories.
  6. Back fill – go back to a happy time or place.
  7. Anchoring – fix in that good state
  8. Calibrate/Test – make sure it is working and the bad feelings have gone.
  9. Confusion – Ensure that the new happier way is fixed in the monkey mind.
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