OldPain2Go® is a non-invasive, drug-free technique, created by Steven Blake, that uses the body’s innate healing power to eradicate or lower old pain messages that may be ruining the quality of your life. 

Chronic pain can be a debilitating condition, which often has no clear solutions. Traditional medical treatments may provide temporary relief, but they often come with unwanted side effects and fail to address the root cause of the pain. This leaves many people feeling frustrated and trapped in a cycle of suffering and discomfort.

Pain, of course, does have a purpose when it relates to a new injury or problem. It gives us the urgency to deal with an issue, relevant to how much of a problem it is, and is also there to act as a preventative to further aggravate it.   However, once we have had a proper medical diagnosis and the tissues are healed, or will never heal, and no more can be done except pain relief, that’s when OldPain2Go® can help – even when nothing else can!

When we continue in pain, long after the initial warning it gave is unnecessary, then all we need to do is change that old, useless out of date program. This can only be done at the level of the unconscious and your practitioner will guide you each step of the way to get you as pain free as is possible – which is usually totally free of that old Pain.

Our bodies are miracles of nature and in most cases, they heal themselves with no conscious input from us. It is this aspect of the mind that OldPain2Go® taps into. It gets the unconscious and conscious aspects to talk to each other with the qualified practitioner as an intermediary. You then communicate with the part of your mind that controls your pain, to convince it to remove the unnecessary pain messages. It is not hypnosis – no trance is needed.

This is a simple intervention of helping you help yourself and any results that are possible are usually immediate, and do not require repeated sessions. With OldPain2Go®, you may be able to break free from the limitations that chronic pain has placed on your life and reclaim your ability to live without unnecessary pain.

OldPain2Go®has worked on all types of pain, even where morphine has ceased to be effective.  The length of time you have had the pain, does not affect the outcome. It has successfully turned off totally for a person who had severe arthritis pain for 45 years.  There is no need for repeat sessions as in most cases, OldPain2Go® will either turn the old pain message off, or more rarely, turns it down to a more acceptable and manageable level.

Don't live life in pain. When the pain killers no longer work & the pain gets stronger there is an alternative to suffering. Consult your OldPain2Go therapist to ask how your body's own system might turn off that old pain permenantly!

When is OldPain2Go® appropriate to use?

After the medical professionals have diagnosed your problem and told you nothing more can be done other than to manage the pain.

Examples of conditions it is possible to work with;

  • Chronic physical or emotional pain
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Pain from an old injury/illness/operation
  • Back/neck/shoulder pain
  • Sciatica
  • Arthritis/Osteoarthritis
  • Fibromyalgia/CFS/ME
Steven Blake's OldPain2Go methodology Certified Practicioner

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