Infinite Possibilities

Infinite Possibilities

Launching in Autumn 2023

infinite possibilities book

“Infinite Possibilities – The Art of Living Your Dreams – is a programme combining spirituality and the Law of Attraction to create the life you have always dreamed of, and is created by Mike Dooley. I am an Infinite Possibilities (IP)  Certified Trainer and I will be delivering this as a group programme in Autumn 2023.

Mike Dooley is a New York Times best-selling author, metaphysical teacher, and creator of the wildly popular “Notes from the Universe” whose acclaimed books—including The Top Ten Things Dead People want to tell YOU, A beginner’s guide to the Universe and Infinite Possibilities: The Art of Living Your Dreams – have been published worldwide in 27 languages. He was one of the featured teachers in the international phenomenon The Secret and is the founder of TUT’s philosophical Adventurers Club that’s now home to over 1,000,000 online members. Mike lives what he teaches, inspiring audiences the world over, so far in 156 cities, 34 countries, on 6 continents.

In Infinite Possibilities, Mike champions and gives evidence to the idea that we are spiritual beings, filled with infinite potential-metaphysically adventuring though vast fields of self-created possibilities, forging our own reality while bathed in love. He reveals that as soon as you open your heart and mind, thinking far beyond what spirituality has traditionally meant, it becomes evident that life itself is the ultimate adventure, over which you have total control.

Infinite Possibilities offers a deep exploration of the mysteries of the universe, while opening windows, doors and unexpected pathways to a bold way of living. Live the life of your dreams, purposefully, consciously and in live.

The programme includes;

  1. Thoughts Become Things
  2. Beliefs
  3. Emotions
  4. Taking Action
  5. Instincts and Hunches, Dreams and Desires
  6. Faith and the Magical Universe
  7. The Meaning of Life