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A life coach is someone professionally trained to help you maximize your full potential and reach your desired results in different areas of your life. These goals could be personal, professional, or a mixture of both, as the two are so often very interlinked, and because each human being is different, so will their goals be too. The life coach can be like a supportive friend, counsellor and a trusted adviser, all put together as one, and they will hold a safe and confidential space in which you can share and grow.

Life coaching will help you to identify, create, meet and exceed your desired goals and objectives. It will create accountability and focus, providing encouragement, guidance and support throughout your journey to achieve your desired result. You will be able to gain clarity on your current situation and identify areas of growth and change needed. It will help you to identify any limiting beliefs, potential obstacles or challenges and assist to overcome these, and create an action plan and strategy with which to move forward and achieve greatest success. It will help you become a better person and lead a more empowered life.

It will help to identify your areas of strength and connect with your own inner resources and power, and then use these to your maximum advantage and potential, considering things such personality type and personal preferences. It will also highlight areas where you feel “less strong” and confident and assist you to create solutions and strategies on how to best approach and overcome these.

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Very often, by the time a client presents for any form of coaching, they have either pondered upon the problem for long enough to have become subconsciously aware of the difficulties they face, or they have attempted to achieve their goal but with no success, or limited success. Either situation will act as a severe limiting structure – often more than just a belief and almost seeming like a solid wall that there is no way around or through. There may some inner conflict and resistance too, causing sabotage and procrastination, creating a sense of powerlessness, and feeling stuck, unable to break free and move out of the cycle, which then further perpetuates it.

Stepping out of your comfort zone can be a very uncomfortable thing and it isn’t always easy to be honest with yourself or to be able to see another way. When you take responsibility for yourself and your life though, that is when the magic happens, and powerful change can be made.


As a Life Coach, I look to support you in the following ways;

Firstly, my specific Coach training undertaken:

🔥 BWRT® Master Coach
🔥 WSN  Parts Therapy/Counselling/ Coaching – levels 1/2/3
🔥 Belief Coding® Full Potential Coach
🔥 Calm Kids Coach/TIK – Therapeutic Interventions for Children & Teens

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My additional skills and information gained from the variety and diversity of training that I have done – such as personality profiling and deeply understanding the mind – along with my experience as a practicing mindset therapist mean that I am well-equipped and qualified to deal with anything that may arise from the coaching process. So, not only can we identify limitations and blocks, but I also have the tools to be able to work at that deeper level if necessary to resolve them. Many other coaches ds do not have that deeper level of training. I also have my own life’s journey, and all the knowledge, wisdom and experienced gained from many challenges I have faced to draw upon, and that ability to truly be able to hold the best space for you to connect with your truth, authenticity and thrive. 

In addition to the main modalities listed in the therapeutic tools kit, my coaching sessions and programmes could also include the following for maximum results; Mindfulness, Meditation, Thought Field Therapy (TFT), Breathing Exercises and Somatic Work, Self – Hypnosis, Guided Meditation, Muscle Relaxation, Psycho-Sensory Techniques, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Kinesiology, Brain Gym and sound, light and colour healing. 

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