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Parts therapy uses the concept that our personality is composed of a number of various parts. The parts are aspects of our subconscious mind, each with their respective jobs or functions of the inner mind.  You may have experienced this when you have wanted to do something and part of you wanted to do it, but part of you didn’t. Also, like having an angel and devil on your shoulder saying different things!                                                         

Any internal conflict exists because one part of the psyche wants to do something that another part does not!


Warrior, Settler, Nomad, known as WSN in short, is a form of parts therapy that uses three distinct personality types, which we use as a tool to tap into the psyche and essentially seeks to reframe subconscious thought processes and beliefs where required. WSN also has a counselling and coaching aspect to it as well, making it very versatile, highly effective and easy to use for understanding ourselves on a deeper level and resolving inner conflict. 

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Which personality type are you

We are all a mix of these three types, but we are born with a dominant personality type. When we are ‘in tune’ with this, we are more likely to be relaxed, more content and more at peace with our life. Problems can arise though when our thoughts and behaviours do not match our true personality type. Conflict between who you subconsciously feel you are, and the person you feel that you need to be or have to be to the outside world can trigger a whole mix of symptoms.

When you discover which of the three you are, you will be able to set free the dormant resources within you and capitalise on strengths and abilities that you may not yet even realise you possess. It will help you to see yourself in a whole new way and improve interactions and communication in all areas of life.

We are seeking to reconnect and identify those positive qualities or Instincts that we are born with, which may have been lost due to conditioning we received from the moment we were born. 

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Our conditioning is the result of everything we have experienced from the day we were born: our experiences, what we learn from parents, friends and teachers, what we may seen or heard on the TV or social media, our culture, where we live etc, our belief system. It can be likened to the filters through which we now see life or the templates we are now reacting to, which were created through the PERCEPTIONS of our previous experiences.

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It is not the actual events that shape and re-shape personality but the way they are remembered.  It is not our memories that cause us a problem, but how we perceive them at the time they occurred and our emotional reaction to that event or circumstance.

Our perceptions create emotions, and unresolved (mis-understood) emotions get trapped in the psyche until they are resolved (understood) and can then be properly filed.

What conditioning can cause us to do:

  • Change ourselves to please others, or to fit in or to get an easy life.
  • To deny parts of ourselves and then we lost a sense of who we are.
  • Procrastination or self-sabotage.
  • Create inner conflict, causing feelings of tension, anxiety, depression or being stuck.
  • Disown or hide a part of ourselves, which we see as negative due to conditioning, in order to fit in, belong or be loved.
  • People put on a front to appear to be ok rather than admit how they really feel as they don’t want to appear as weak or not good enough.

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